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News and Info Sources abound in Chestnut Hill

It's amazing how many people are out there reporting the news for Northwest Philadelphia, especially Chestnut Hill and then there are the reporters and writers who live in our midst and report on national or global topics. Way to go guys! This blog feeds off of your excellent work and aggregates it here. Yes, that's what this is, an aggregation service.

Here are some who's bylines have caught my attention:

Lou Mancinelli, Paula Riley, Len Lear, Jennifer Katz, Pete Mazzacaro,trick Cobb, Bill Hangley, Alan Tu, Nicole Juday, Aaron Moselle, Holly Otterbein, Jon Campisi, Zach Subar, Karl Biemuller ...
reporting for the Chestnut Hill Local, WHYY Newsworks, Chestnut Hill Patch, Germantown Newspapers Mount Airy Independent, and Web Walker's Life on the Hill print publication not to mention Jon McGoran and his large stable of writers for the Weavers Way Shuttle

There's also Outside-In which does something what this website is attempting but I think in an inelegant way and I don't think it has a human behind it. An article about weather forecaster Elliott Abrams gets sucked in because he was quoted saying Summit Avenue is 450 feet about sea level. yeah, like that's news. Now what is news and gets front page photo and text is that Rob Barrimond reported being at the Starbucks on Germantown Avenue at about 8:30 am on February 10, 2011. I don't suppose he has creditors after him.

Did I leave you out? Let me know, please.

Oh, and I forgot to say the magic word, "portal", so here it is:
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